Four thoughts this week

1.) Craig keener on some facts about the historical Jesus

2) map showing all of American Drone strikes in Pakistan under Obama and Bush.

3.)    Greg Boyd’s first post responding to Tony Campolo

4.)  Urban areas and Wendell Berry


About Danny

Hi, I’m Danny. Just to give a little background, I’m a college student who became a Christian when I was younger. I’m also a musician, White Sox fan, Philadelphia Eagles fan, and armchair theologian. I love playing music and really got into folk when I was younger, but enjoy other genres as well. I also love to read, so if you ever have a book suggestion or want a book suggestion just let me know! This blog is a place to share thoughts on a variety of subjects and to interact in a cordial manner. If there is a certain subject you’re looking for there is a category section on the right side of the website on the home page if you scroll down. Always feel free to comment and share any disagreements if you have them.
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One Response to Four thoughts this week

  1. terrichurchill says:

    Thanks for featuring Greg’s stuff here. We really appreciate that!

    Terri Churchill
    Editor, ReKnew

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