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Hey, I'm Danny Nowotarski and this is a blog about Christians in America. Just to give a little background, I'm a college student who became a Christian at the age of nine. I come from a Baptist background but have been influenced mainly by Ana-baptist thought and the likes of John Howard Yoder and Vernard Eller. I believe that we as christians must be obedient to God and part of that obedience is being pacifists. We christians are aliens and exiles here, lets start living like it.


“You shall not wrong or oppress a resident alien, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt.” – (Exodus 22:21, NRSV) “For I was hungry and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty and you gave Me … Continue reading

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Four thoughts this week

1.) The moon rising in real time in New Zealand 2.) Mike Licona looks at one argument against the probability of the resurrection 3.) James White and Tom Wright on his version of npp 4.) Bill Maher helps lead … Continue reading

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Jay Smith on violence in the Bible

Jay Smith explaining how to deal with the violence in the Bible as a pacifist.

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Duty to Vote?

With the election here once again, a lot of Christians are arguing about whether we should vote or not. Many urge Christians to vote, and even contend that it is our duty. Some say its our duty because we live in a … Continue reading

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Four thoughts this week

1.) Craig keener on some facts about the historical Jesus 2) map showing all of American Drone strikes in Pakistan under Obama and Bush. 3.)    Greg Boyd’s first post responding to Tony Campolo 4.)  Urban areas and … Continue reading

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Boyd on Constantine Here’s a video of Greg Boyd explaining the Constantinian shift.

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Four thoughts this week

1.)    Denny Burk writes about the responses to Rep. Todd Akin. 2.)     Roger Olson on Isaiah 53 3.)   Martin Luther King Jr. audio found 4.)   Larry Hurtado on early Christian movements

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